Your Website is not just an online brochure! Imagine this being the GPS to your website traffic. You want to ensure at first you are being found and then when potential clients are on your website you are navigating them efficiently and converting them into leads and sales. So how do you get found?

Dominating the Search Engines is an organic way to be visible online. Key factors such as user experience and social proof can lead to more leads. Here are the top 10 commandments to consider for 2016:

10 most effective SEO opportunities for your website in 2016

Optimize Your Site for Mobile

The Future is Mobile Devices. Be found for your potential visitors on a mobile device and ensure the site is responsive.

Research Competition & Right Keywords

These days, effective keyword research is an increasingly important skill for digital & content marketing. Invest the time to find what are the best keywords for your SEO Campaign.

Use Catchy Headlines

What you say is important, but how you say is more important. There is a lot of noise and you want to stand out and get attention, so be creative with your headlines.

Flaunt Your Images (On the Website)

Be sure to buy licensed Images and ensure you have alternate text listed for the images on your website. Relevant images that match the content and speak to your audience will raise the standards of your SEO campaign.

Make Your Target Audience Feel Special

Write for your visitors and humanize the content, in addition be sure that the look and feel and calls to actions speak to them at their level. Navigating website visitors seamlessly will make them feel special and help get that sale.

Be Local, Claim Local

If you serve a local area and geographical region, you want to ensure you claim your local listings and profiles on Google and Bing. You want to include location(s) you serve on your website and make the address, name and phone number consistent.

Own & Optimize Your Social Profiles

Are you on social media? Claim your Social profile name, both personal and company name. Ensure your brand is consistent. It can take up to 9-27 touch points to have a memorable impact.

Relevant Content Articles

Write for your audience and write enough relevant content to engage them, educate them and build authority. Smaller Blog posts may not have the impact you desire on the rankings.

Video Marketing Tops SEO Rankings

Videos help drive traffic to your website. Google and other search engines recognize that videos usually offer high quality content, and take time and effort to produce. For this reason, they place a lot of importance on videos and see them as supporting signals for the quality of your site’s content.

Stay Active on Social Media

You don’t want to neglect your Social Media. Stay Active and continue to engage with those in your network. Social popularity enhances your SEO rankings when utilized strategically.



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