We are living in the world of internet today and marketing & social media platforms go hand in hand. You can select either one platform or other, but we recommend you to make a smart decision while choosing the right social platform to showcase/market your business.

In this post, we are going to look at Instagram & Twitter to use these social media platforms to drive engagement, more traffic & leads for your business.

Best Practices for Instagram Marketing and Lead Generation


For those of who are new to Instagram yet, it is a photo-sharing app and social media platform which allows its users to personalize their pictures by adding filters, descriptions, locations and hashtags and share them on Twitter, Facebook, and their own Instagram accounts.

  • Create Instagram Profile For Your Business: It is very essential to create & optimize your Instagram profile for your business to show the visitors what your brand is all about. Customize your profile so it can be instantly recognizable as your business account. Post your logo, pictures of your products, business events etc.
  • Have a good balance of funny and business pictures: Post both fun images and business pictures; but take care to balance fun images with pictures from your business.
  • Connect Other Social Profiles: Don’t forget to connect your Facebook, Twitter & other social profiles with your Instagram account.
  • Write Good Descriptions: Instagram provides you the feature to add descriptions to pictures. Try to write engaging image descriptions which describe the images & also send messages about your business.
  • Use Hashtags: Follow hashtags related to your industry & also create your branded hashtags. This will help you looking up all Instagrams related to your business & other users can also see your images that are following industry related hashtags.

Best Practices for Twitter Marketing and Lead Generation


  • Make Your Twitter Profile Appealing: When people are looking for you or your business on Twitter, they do a search for you and then they visit your profile. If you want a great number of followers, then customize your profile with branded graphics.
  • Add Attractive Visual Content: Several studies show that visual content (images, videos) get more attention as compared to simple text tweets. So if you want your messages to get noticed, then include images and videos with your tweets regularly.
  • Insert Retweetable Words: Add “please”, “FREE”, “check out”, “how to”, “tips” to your tweets; these words encourage readers to click & retweet.
  • Ask Questions: People love to share their opinions; so give them a chance to express their feelings. To keep things focused on your business, stick to questions related to your niche/industry.
  • Provide Answers: Make a list of the most common queries or problems voiced by customers in your niche. Search them using the hashtag #, and answer those questions. Show them that you are an expert in your industry.
  • Share Quality Content: Do not always try to sell your products or services; instead share & provide useful information, updates from other online resources too.

If used correctly, Twitter & Instagram can be highly-targeted lead generation channels for your products/services and brand and they can lead to a healthy stream of revenue for your business.

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