The visual medium is highly attractive and this makes video marketing very effective, thanks to video sharing websites like YouTube. Marketing your videos through YouTube can help you expand your reach into a global market. Consider these numbers:

  • YouTube is the second largest search engine (Google is first)
  • Over 70% of all web visitors watch online video
  • The viewership of professionally-made online video went up by 47% in 2010, to 72.3 billion views
  • In January 2011, 83.5% or 171 million Americans, watched online video, (according to comScore) with an average of 14.5 hours per viewer
  • Americans viewed more than 4.3 billion video ads in January 2011
  • 48 hours of video uploaded every minute and3 billion views per day

The good news is, video marketing does not even involve a high investment, so you can multiply your ROI several times over by leveraging this incredible tool.

Video marketing is extremely effective and thanks to video-sharing websites such as YouTube, videos can be a highly profitable method to reach a massive audience. But what is the best way to get the maximum mileage from YouTube?

To know how you can use video marketing to improve your sales and branding, call us.

Video is a powerful marketing channel for building strong customer relationships and manage your online reputation. Videos rank very well in the search engines and YouTube channels are a sure shot way to get your brand high exposure and SEO.

Video content is rapidly becoming a standard part of website content as it encourages visitors to engage. Complicated things can be easily explained visually. Videos can be very persuasive and you can use them to increase the response to your call to action.

At Measure Marketing, our search marketing team has the expertise to help you maximize video marketing by placing them in front of your potential customers, distributing your videos through social media websites to bring you wider brand reach and creating a buzz around your business.

YouTube is a great video sharing site and the first choice to promote your video content in a cost-effective manner. By enabling others comment and share, you can increase your website traffic within a short span of time. To get started today, call us.

YouTube allows branded channels, which means you can create your own channel and have subscribers to your content. Visitors can be tracked and analyzed. Posting regularly updated and optimized videos relevant to your business helps raise your search engine rankings. These videos can be shared across other social networks and when embeddable, takes your reach even farther.

With most users accessing the internet on their mobile phones, video marketing has an even wider reach. To know how your business can capitalize on video marketing, schedule an appointment today.