Is your Pay Per Click advertising dollar
giving you the ROI you expect?

Pay Per Click advertising, Paid Search or Search Engine Marketing is a highly effective and focused lead generation method to drive website traffic that converts into sales.

Running a PPC campaign effectively is complex and time-consuming. At Measure Marketing, we offer comprehensive internet marketing consultancy and Pay Per Click (PPC) Services in Mississauga and the Greater Toronto Area including Oakville, Toronto and Milton.

We invite you to talk to us if you:

  • Are a marketing agency committed to delivering the promised ROI to your clients and find yourself frequently snowed under multiple activities AND struggle to keep the big picture in sight.
  • Are a Professional who is trying to focus on establishing yourself while grappling with the information overload about growing your traffic and customer-base.
  • Are a business owner juggling a long list of priorities that include marketing and advertising and wondering why your site is not ranking as it should. You do not have the time or technology to manage your PPC campaign.
  • Wish you could rely on an expert who could complement your efforts and let you focus on what you do best: your business.

We will take the weight off your shoulders, so that you can confidently concentrate on making your own clients happy. We have the infrastructure and expertise to handle your PPC campaigns across Google AdWords, Facebook and LinkedIn.

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The biggest benefit of PPC ads is exposure because it takes your business to the audience you target with your keywords – an audience that is actively looking for your products and services. Businesses and Professionals in healthcare, financial consultants, lawyers, business coach, and cosmetic experts – just about anyone can reap the benefits of PPC marketing. Marketing agencies, you can get ROI for your clients by hiring the company who knows PPC marketing.

PPC gives you total control over when you want your ad displayed and for the keywords you want. You only pay when a user clicks on your ad. PPC ads are reliable as an advertising strategy because they:

  • Yield high ROI
  • Instant targeted traffic
  • High visibility
  • High degree of conversion and results tracking
  • Are highly flexible, focused and
  • Are easy to implement around a budget

At Measure Marketing, along with the entire gamut of digital marketing solutions, we:

  • Handle Keyword research
  • Estimate your search traffic
  • Refine your targeting
  • Ensure that you allocate your budget properly
  • Manage your PPC bids
  • Write your ads and professionally test and optimize them
  • Design and Optimize landing pages that convert for the targeted keywords
  • Track, report and optimize on an on-going basis

Our SEO experts in Oakville know what it takes to design dynamic ads with the keywords that will reach your customers and bring you maximum value for your ad dollar while generating local as well as global leads.

At Measure Marketing, we can work alongside your team or independently manage PPC campaigns for you and your clients. Get started today.