What’s your company’s Business name?
Do you have a website?  Yes No
If yes, please state the URL.
When was the company Established?
What’s your role in the company?
Who is your Ideal customer (Person) – Please describe the ideal decision maker. Kindly comment based on their age, gender, background, mindset, problem, goals, what matters to them etc.
How many Customers do you currently have?  1-10 10-20 20-40 40-60 60+
Please list your current client’s common characteristics.
What’s Unique to your company that you get hired over your competitors?
What is the transformation for your clients if they hire you (Fast forward 30 -60 days or more and what would have they achieved)?
What are your core products/ services?
What are your most profitable products/Services/ Clients?
What is your current source of most profitable clients?
What are your personal values?
Write adjectives that describe you personally as a partner/stakeholder/leader?
Is there a company perhaps outside your industry that you really admire?
Why do you think digital and Inbound Marketing is important to your business?
What is your brand’s overall purpose?
Are you capturing customer and prospect data to build a robust marketing database?
Does your brand clearly communicate what you are about and convey the highest value you deliver?
Does your brand effectively differentiate you from every other supplier in your marketplace?
Is your brand identity being properly used in all media?
Do you understand the factors buyers consider when selecting your product or service and are you focusing your marketing campaigns on those factors?
Do you have three to five key marketing messages that you’re consistently delivering in all media?
Do these messages match the experience customers have when they interact with your staff?
Are traditional marketing channels – such as advertising, direct marketing, and public relations – still delivering enough value to warrant the investment they require?
Do you know which marketing tactics are generating the best results – leads, conversions, or sales – at the lowest cost?
Do you use a CRM (Client Relationship Management Tool)?
What’s the percentage revenue growth you are expecting for your organization in the next 12 months?
Do you have a marketing department?
Do you currently outsource your digital marketing? Please list all that you outsource currently?
What’s your expectation from a marketing partner you hire? Please state all items on your wish list.