Podcast Episode 05: Future of Social Media – 2020


Two amazing guests join Arti Sharma for this power-packed episode. Listen in on this fireside chat between Leigh Fowler, CEO of Rise Media Design Inc. and Kelly Farell, CEO of Oak Learners and Teach Me Social Inc.

The fact that social media is rapidly evolving shouldn’t be ignored. The impact of social conversations over the last decade has led to major changes in the economy and how marketers are packaging services and products. From the recent Trump campaign to the highly anticipated royal wedding, social media has played an integral role in how we learn, read news, and engage in discussions. With the influx of social platforms and the constantly changing digital and social landscape, where should businesses focus their social media efforts to stay on the leading edge? Let’s discuss the Future of Social Media by 2020.

Kelly Farrell

Kelly Farrell is the founder and Director of Oak Learners, a not-for-profit alternative school and learning center in Toronto. She is dedicated to supporting learners of all ages and abilities reach their goals and love the learning journey. Kelly FarrellKelly is an OCT Certified teacher and has over 12 years of experience teaching in the classroom and working with students of all abilities. Kelly has a passion for empowering students to develop confidence through building on their strengths to support their difficulties, particularly those with learning exceptionalities, including LD, ASD, social emotional needs and anxiety. Kelly is also the founder of Teach Me Social, a social media marketing agency and training organization which empowers female entrepreneurs to brand themselves and share their message confidently and effectively online.

Leigh Fowler

Leigh Fowler firmly believes that content that converts is a strategy, and not an accident. Her feel good online content marketing and community engagement strategies are geared to help experts amplify their tribe, visibility and impact.

Leigh FowlerShe teaches her clients how to leverage and repurpose content strategies to build more credibility, engagement, social proof, community, media & leads. She specializes in helping her clients find their voice and step into a bigger spotlight. With 20+ years of marketing and publishing experience, she’s about to start her 6th year as a full-time entrepreneur this month. She celebrates the entrepreneurial journey with her tribe through teaching these strategies via shared content media, speaking, inspirational events, training and virtual experiences.

You can learn more about her strategies at leeleefowler.com/67ways and join Leigh and her tribe on Facebook in the Confident Content Creator Club, almost 500 entrepreneurs who connect online for content trends, tips, insights, feedback, questions and training.